DIY Cat Bed Idea!

DIY Cat Bed Idea!

Items needed:

Cat Bed

Sewing Machine


Double sided Tape *Optional*


Waterproof/Resistant Canvas (I buy my custom WPC/WRC from Sew Dulce, and Backstitch so far but I know a lot of groups offer it.)

Amount: If it is directional Fabric you will need over a yard in length or you will need to color block. If non directional then you will need less than a yard. 


This is a very simple make, all you need to do is unpack the bed from amazon in the link above, take the blue and white striped fabric and seam rip it completely, and use it as a pattern piece. Then just sew it exactly as it was before you picked it apart unless you are color blocking at which point you will need to do math to figure out the difference, just make sure you include seam allowances when sewing the pieces together!