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“Baby D”

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5-pack of Baby D’s.

Variety Packs include one of each of the following colors: Blood Red, Pumpkin Orange, Magenta, Bright Green, Dark Teal, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Purple. (Pack of 8) These are limited, once sold out we wont restock the variety pack. Limited amounts are made for these.

Rivets are NOT included. The reason being is since there isn't other matching hardware; they would need to mixed with other common color hardware anyways and using the rivet color used from the rest of the project would help tie it together. Another reason we never offer rivets with these is sizes will vary on the materials used on. If we had one size rivets and sold them together people would be stuck with rivets they can't or don't want to use.


This hardware is attached using rivets. Rivets do not come with the hardware as rivet size will vary depending on how and where you apply them. Look at photos for ideas on use. 
In the photos you will see it being used to lock a bag shut, use as a less noticeable D-ring replacement to attach straps to wallets, or clutches, as well as attaching to the inside of a bag to clip your keys so you don’t have to search at the bottom of your bag for your keys.

 The Iridescent Rainbow color varies for each piece and none of them are exactly alike. You may get a label that is more pink, purple, yellow or blue, or may be darker or lighter etc., because they are all different. They don't change color, but have the look of iridescence.

*zipper pull and rivets do not included with this item*